Jump Start


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In Jump Start I’ll teach you the principles you need to know to lose weight, build muscle, and  feel great after 40. You’ll receive:

  • Three 45-minute workouts covering all the major body parts. I’ll teach you the principles of how to workout after 40 and the techniques to do so without injury.
  • My Nutrition Guide. I’ll teach you how build muscle and lose fat without eating like a bird! The guide include a complete 7 day meal plan.
  • My Principles for Staying Fit After 40 video. I’ll explain the 4 things you need to address if you are going to stay in great shape as you age.
  • My talk, Which Supplements Are Really Worth It? I’ll tell you what’s essential and whats junk (and I won’t try to sell you supplements!)
  • A video on how to properly warm up before your workout. It is THE KEY for staying injury free.


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